TRICARE - Dental Care Program

TRICARE provides civilian health benefits for U.S Armed Forces military personnel, military retirees, and their dependents. At Alice Dental Associates, we offer Tricare services to US military personnel.

The TRICARE Dental Program is a voluntary dental plan. You can enroll if you’re a:

  • Family member of an active duty service member
  • Family member of a National Guard/Reserve member
  • National Guard/Reserve Member who isn’t on active duty or covered by the Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP)
  • You get active duty dental benefits if you’re on active duty or covered by TAMP.


The TRICARE Dental Program covers:

  • Exams, cleanings, fluorides, sealants, and X-rays
  • Fillings, including white fillings on back teeth
  • Root canals
  • Gum surgery
  • Oral surgery and tooth extractions
  • Crowns and dentures
  • Orthodontics and braces
  • Scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) for diabetics
  • Additional cleaning for pregnant women
  • Additional Dental treatment requested by the Dentist - This must be approved by Tricare before starting any extra treatment.

If you are eligible for the above, phone Tricare to get your approval sent and phone our friendly staff to make an appointment. 

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